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#579 Computer Debate - Marion and Todd debate desktops and laptops



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Marion: Hey, Todd, you are exactly the person I was looking for. (Yeah) I have a favor to ask you.

Todd: Sure.

Marion: Well, the thing is, I'm thinking of buying a computer OK, but I really, I don't know too much about computers, you know that, so I want to know, which is better, a laptop or a desktop? Which do you think I should buy?

Todd: Ah, that's a good question. Well, I'm not a computer pro but, I guess if you get a desktop computer for your house there's a lot of advantages. It has more memory, it has more power. You can get a bigger monitor for watching movies and things like that, and I think the number one reason that I like the desktop is it doesn't break. You know and it can't be stolen.

Marion: As easily, yeah.

Todd: Right, so when you have the laptop, you take it and you carry it everywhere that means it's easier to break, you know you can drop it (yeah) or it's easy to be stolen, so yeah. On the other hand though, if you just want to be mobile with your computer then obviously you want a desktop because you can take it everywhere, and you can use it in different places, so that's actually why I have two. I have a desktop and a laptop.

Marion: So you have the best of both worlds, really.

Todd: So what do you want to use your computer for?

Marion: Well, mainly I want to use it to keep in touch with my family and my friends. That's my number one reason. I'd also like to use it for work, to make work sheets and that kind of thing for school, and the other thing, what was the other thing, oh yes, I want to use it to store my photos from my digital camera. That's really important to me because I'm afraid I'm going to lose one of the CD's and all of those photos or something like that.

Todd: Well, how often do you think you'll be taking a computer with you, to work or somewhere?

Marion: I don't know really. I mean, I suppose I could just buy a laptop and leave it at home, couldn't I?

Todd: Sure. Sure. Yeah, I guess if you're just going to use for basic stuff then maybe, a laptop is good for you.

Marion: Yeah. Yeah, maybe. It's so confusing. It's such a big decision for me. I don't know what to do. Thanks though for your advice.

Todd: Sure.

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