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#573 Canadian Town - Rina talks about her town in Canada


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Todd: So, Rina, where are you from?

Rina: I am from Davidson, Skeskatchewan, and it's a small town in Skeskatchewan, about 1,000 people, and I grew up there.

Todd: Now, Skeskatchewan, that's a part of Canada that doesn't have a lot of people, right?

Rina: There's, in the whole province, there's a million people.

Todd: That's it.

Rina: In all of Canada there is only 33 million, so yeah.

Todd: And you only have one?

Rina: One. There's 33 million.

Todd: Yeah, actually, is there any major Canadian cities in Skeskatchewan?

Rina: Well, the capital is Regina. (Really) Yeah, if you've heard of that.

Todd: No

Rina: But I live in, right now my parents live in Saskatoon.

Todd: Oh, OK.

Rina: And that's, my town is between Regina and Saskatoon., called the midway town.

Todd: What's it like growing up in a very small rural setting?

Rina: It was awesome. My parents, because they immigrated from Lebanon were very strict with me so I really wasn't allowed to do very much until I was about in grade 11, when my brother was old enough to come with me, but it was, once I was able to start going out and going to dances and things like that I loved it.

Todd: Oh, really, even in your small town?

Rina: In my small town, yeah. Cause I had it, I was very close with a lot of, like a very small class, very very close with a lot of people there, yeah.

Todd: Sounds good. So, in all of Canada, like when you go back and you settle down and you live in Canada, do you want to live in Skeskatchewan?

Rina: No.

Todd: No.

Rina: No, it's not, it's, I've developed a lot more since I was that age and it's just not the same anymore. I'd like a bigger center, preferably Vancouver, or Montreal, on one of the coasts. Yeah. So.

Todd: Not Toronto?

Rina: No, I'm not a big fan of Toronto.

Todd: Ah, why?

Rina: Because I'm a little jaded. When I was, in 94, we went to Niagara Falls, and we drove through Toronto and it was just so, it looked so busy and smoggy and just crazy, and so I never really liked it since then. I have that image in my head still of that.

Todd: Yeah, well, that's how I feel about L. A.

Rina: Yeah.

Todd: Yeah. I don't like Los Angeles. OK, well thanks.

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