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#568 Smoking - Al shares his thoughts on smoking


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Todd: So Al, I must congratulate you, I hear you no longer smoke.

Al: That's true, I'm now, six months ago I stopped smoking.

Todd: Good man. So how did you do it?

Al: I just, I went out and I had the best New Year's Eve I've ever had in my life, where I went to a music party, a club, and I smoked and drank as much as I wanted for about 12 hours. I finally left at 9 in the morning on New Year's Day, my lungs dry and and then decided I'm never going to do this and stopped.

Todd: Wow, I mean, you must have had, you know, addictions, you must have wanted to have a cigarette a couple days later.

Al: You know, I've stopped smoking several times and had very bad cravings before, and this time it was, a couple of times I felt like I might like one, but no, I didn't have any nicotine cravings. I was ready this time I think.

Todd: So you just think where your body reaches a point where you can take no more.

Al: Yeah definitely, and your mind reaches a point where you're sickened by your own disgusting behavior

Todd: Right, so what do you think about smoking now?

Al: I hate it. I'm completely, I'm totally anti-smoking, and I used to be very liberal about people's rights to smoke and now I think it should be completely . It should be illegal to buy tobacco.

Todd: Wow, they should just make it illegal.

Al: Make it illegal. It kills people.

Todd: So what is your message to smoker? If someone out there is smoking today, they're a smoker, they want to quit, what's your message to them?

Al: I read a really good, I'm reading a really cool book at the moment about therapy and in one of these stories in this book one guy says, imagine you have a pet dog, and you love this pet dog, and the pet dog is you body, now would you give poisoned, say you went to the pet store and you saw these cans of dog food with a poison mark on them, poisoned flavored dog food containing poison, would you buy that poison dog food and feed it to your dog? No, you wouldn't. That's exactly what you're doing to your body when you smoke. You're deliberately poisoning yourself so stop it.

Todd: Well, good message and so for all of you people out there who are smoking, STOP!

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