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#566 Water - Al and Todd share their thoughts about water


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Todd: So, Al, we're going to talk about water. How much water do you drink every day?

Al: I guess about three liters, so six of those 500 millileter, five or six of those 500 millileter bottles.

Todd: Yeah, that's a lot. That's about what I drink. Yeah, I think I'm addicted to water.

Al: I definitely am.

Todd: Yeah, it's my security blanket. I must always have a bottle of water nearby to drink.

Al: And you have a theory to about why I always feel like I get thirstier the more water I drink, and you have a theory about that don't you?

Todd: Yeah, that's right. I think that the water bottle people somehow put a special chemical that always make you want to drink more water.

Al: I agree.

Todd: Yeah, cause haven't you noticed that if you drink water from a tap, from the sink, you have a glass of water, you're not thirsty after you finish the glass, but when you finish a bottle of water, you're still thirsty.

Al: One bottle is not enough. Yeah, definitely. A glass of tap water I would rarely finish the glass, but a bottle of bottled water, I need more, and like you said I need to know there is more close to me or I get upset.

Todd: Well, do you still drink tap water?

Al: No, never.

Todd: Never?

Al: I cook with it but I don't drink it.

Todd: Why?

Al: Ah, it tastes like crap.

Todd: Yeah, it does taste pretty bad. Well, we both live in Japan, how is the water in England?

Al: It's about the same. It's kind of, it's drinkable in theory but it has this weird processed taste to it and doesn't smell all that good, so it's supposed to be safe to drink but I don't really believe that, for a minute.

Todd: Actually the water where I'm from in Norhtern California is pretty good.

Al: Is it?

Todd: Yeah. Ah, that's the one thing you can drink from the tap but people still drink bottled water. Actually, I think the next time there's a huge, massive world war, it might be over water.

Al: Yes.

Todd: It's kind of scary.

Al: It's like we live on this planet that is mostly water and we can't manage it properly. There isn't enough for everybody.

Todd: Yeah, no kidding, so anyway, for all you people out there, remember, be thankful for your water.

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