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#557 High School - Mark and Todd remember high school


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Mark: Hey, Todd, when you look back on your high school experience, do you, in general, do you see it as a positive or a negative experience?

Todd: Oh, definitely positive. It was one of the best times of my life.

Mark: Yeah.

Todd: Oh, it was awesome. I mean, it was being with your friends,and you know, driving for the first time and having your first part-time job and playing sports and going to dances. It was great.

Mark: Now did, a lot of high schools in the states, I went to high school in the states and a lot of high schools have, there are these clicks, you know, there's like a popular group of kids, and then there are other kids who don't really feel like they belong (right) Yeah, I know you Todd. You strike me as you were probably one of the popular kids, so of course you're gonna think high school was great.

Todd: Well, no, actually, I wasn't one of the popular kids, but I was in the popular group, so I played sports so I was one of the jocks.

Mark: Yeah, one of the jocks, always, they get into the popular clicks easier. So do you, can you imagine like how somebody might feel that wasn't in one of those groups, that they might have hated high school?

Todd: Well, I don't know who hated high school but I remember there were the motor heads. Those were the guys that were always working on their car. They had really nice cars they fixed up. They probably didn't like high school too much, then there were the drama freaks, and the drama freaks were, they dressed really different and they were kind of into punk at that time. They were very artistic and very creative, very smart, and because they were so different, I think a lot of kids made fun of them, so maybe they didn't like high school.

Mark: Now were you one of the kids that made fun of them?

Todd: Definitely not. I mean, I was never that way. Actually, I was the kid that somehow was friends with everybody because even though I was with the jocks, I wasn't a good jock. I was a terrible athlete, so I was maybe just surviving by being friends with them anyway, but yeah.

Mark: Now, you're a good baseball player though, right?

Todd: Actually I was but I didn't play baseball because I, in high school because I, foolishly I wanted to make money. I wanted to get a part-time job and get a car, so I stopped. I played football and basketball, though.

Mark: OK, now most high schools, just about every high school, after ten years, you have a high school reunion. Did you go to your 10-year high school reunion?

Todd: You know, I did not go to my high school reunion. My friends went and, you know, they said it was a pretty good time and everyone had changed, but I didn't go. Have you been to yours?

Mark: I did. I went to mine last year.

Todd: Oh, really. Did everybody still look the same?

Mark: For the most part. What I found interesting is the popular clicks, that I talked about before, they still existed. It was ten years later and it was like all the popular, you know, they're not kids anymore, but all the popular people were hanging out together and all the nerds were kind of standing around on the side and looking lonely and depressed.

Todd: Wow.

Mark: Yeah it as kind of sad.

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