14 thg 9, 2007

#552 Rent or Own - Mark and Todd debate renting vs. owning


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Todd: So Mark, you are going back to America. (Yes) Man, where are you going to live when you go back?

Mark: Well, temporarily, I'll stay at my parents in Birmingham, Alabama.

Todd: OK, and where're you gonna live after that?

Mark: Well, I'm not sure. I might move down to South Florida. Florida is kind of my second home, and, yeah, I'd like to actually one day, get a house down there.

Todd: Oh, really.

Mark: Yeah.

Todd: You're just going to buy a house?

Mark: Well, I'd like to someday. I mean, I prefer to own my own home instead of always renting an apartment somewhere.

Todd: Yeah, but see, I think it's better to rent, cause you know, when you rent a house, you don't have to worry about losing your job, or if you have to relocate. You don't have to worry about if there's a natural disaster, and in Florida you seem to love those hurricanes down there.

Mark: That's definitely true.

Todd: You know.

Mark: But there's something about owning your own house, that's just, this is my house but I'm renting. It's like someone else, you know, I mean someone else does own your house, and you know, there's that feeling of like, you depend on them, you know for lodging but if it's your house, you own it, then there's a sense of independency there.

Todd: Yeah, that true. That's a good point but on the other hand, I just love my free time, and when you rent, you just got more free time. You know when you own a house. You have to do maintenance. You have to do all the paperwork for taxes, and you know, city government stuff, like that. When you rent it's just really easy.

Mark: Well, you know, the maintenance stuff can be fun. It depends on how you look at it. Like, you know, if it's your house, you actually might be motivated to make it look better cause it's, you take pride in, you know, where you live and it's your house, and what do you do in your free time anyway? Like what do you do in your free times?

Todd: What do I do in my free time?

Mark: Yeah.

Todd: Well, I don't fix pipes and work on plumbing and garden, that's for sure.

Mark: But, well, but why not? I mean.

Todd: Good point. That's true.

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