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#537 20 Questions - Ruth and Akane talk about a famous person


You will hear four audio segments about a topic or situation.
When the audio stops you will see a question with three possible answers.
You must choose the correct answer to move forward. If you choose the wrong answer you have to listen again.

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Akane: Hey, Ruth, let's play a game?

Ruth: Oh, great idea.

Akane: So, you think of one person in your head and I'll ask you
questions and I'll try to guess who you're thinking of.

Ruth: So does it need to be a famous person?

Akane: Yes, make it a famous person.

Ruth: OK. OK, I've got one.

Akane: OK, is this person an athlete?

Ruth: No

Akane: Is this person a movie star?

Ruth: No, not that either.

Akane: Is this person a politician?

Ruth: No.

Akane: Is this person a singer?

Ruth: Yes.

Akane: Oh, OK.

Ruth: Now, is this person a man or a woman?

Akane: It's a woman.

Ruth: Oh, OK.

Akane: Is it a child or an adult?

Ruth: An adult.

Akane: Oh, I see. So a woman, and an adult. Is this person from Asia?

Ruth: No, definitely not.

Akane: Is she from North America?

Ruth: No.

Akane: Hm. Is she from Africa?

Ruth: Not Africa either.

Akane: Is she from Europe?

Ruth: Nope.

Akane: Oh, dear. Is she from Australia?

Ruth: That's right.

Akane: Oh, Australia. OK. Let me think about this. Does she have brown hair?

Ruth: Kind of brown, kind of blond.

Akane: Kind of brown. OK. Does she have big eyes?

Ruth: Yes she does.

Akane: Oh, big eyes, blond hair. Is she very beautiful?

Ruth: Yes.

Akane: Is she muscular?

Ruth: I think she's got a good body.

Akane: Has this person been famous for a very long time?

Ruth: Yes, as far as I can remember, actually.

Akane: For a very long time. And is she popular amongst older people?

Ruth: Not very old people but popular among twenty and thirty year olds, I think.

Akane: Twenty and thirty year olds. OK. Alright. Is this person on TV a lot?

Ruth: Yes, and she used to be on TV even more than she is now.

Akane: Oh, I see. So does that mean she used to be an actress?

Ruth: Yes she did.

Akane: Well, I think I know who she is.

Ruth: Go on then. You have a guess.

Akane: Kylie Minogue.

Ruth: Correct. You got it.

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