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#536 Thai Cooking - Akane talks about a cooking class she took


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Ruth: So, Akane, you've been to Thailand, right?

Akane: That's right. I went once on a holiday with my friends for Chinese New Year.

Ruth: Wow. I've always wanted to go to Thailand.

Akane: Yes, it's a really nice place. I really enjoyed it.

Ruth: So what did you do there?

Akane: Well, one of the things I did there was to take a Thai cooking course and I learned how to make Thai food.

Ruth: Oh, wow. So how do you make Thai food?

Akane: Well, I don't know if I remember but I really enjoyed the cooking course. What was the course like?

Ruth: Well, it was really interesting actually. They picked me up first thing in the morning and drove me to an outdoor market where they sold all kinds of fruits and vegetables and meats and spices and it was a kind of market where only the local people would go and they introduced me to a lot of different kinds of herbs and spices and fruits and vegetables that I've never even seen before so that was really interesting, and then they took me to the kitchen which was actually an outdoor kitchen right by a beach so I got to do cooking right in front of a beach it was very beautiful.

Akane: Wow.

Ruth: I was really lucky that day because I was the only student. It was still a new company that just opened up so I was the only student and so I got a lot of attention. There were two teachers that taught me how to do all these things and there was a lot of extra time at the end so they even taught me how to do fruit carving. I made leaves out of cucumber and flowers out of papaya fruit and things like that.

Akane: That sounds fantastic.

Ruth: It really was.

Akane: And do you ever cook Thai at home now?

Ruth: Ah, unfortunately I don't, but maybe if I have some time I might try it


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