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#518 Exchange Host - Kate talk about hosting exhange students


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Todd: Now Kate, you said that you actually had exchange students live with you…

Kate: I did.

Todd: …in New Zealand.

Kate: I’ve had 3 exchange students.

Todd: Ok, can you talk about each one?

Kate: Yep, the first one, she was very young, she was 14 I think at the time, so it was quite difficult for her to come to another country by herself, but by the end of 2 weeks she was in tears when she left our family. She was just so happy and overjoyed. And we still keep in contact.

Todd: What was her name?

Kate: Ariko.

Todd: Oh, ok.

Kate: Ariko.

Todd: So were all the exchange students from Japan?

Kate: They were. Three from Japan.

Todd: Who else did you have come to stay with you?

Kate: The next one was interesting. She was from Kanto.. Kansai, near Osaka in Japan. And she actually…she was in a band, a brass band, an orchestra. She actually came to New Zealand to just play in this orchestra. She was a very lovely girl. She spoke fluent English so we had no problems in communicating.

Todd: How long did she stay?

Kate: She stayed for 3 weeks actually. A bit longer.

Todd: You said there was one more…

Kate: One more was Ayako. She was older, she was actually more my brother’s age so she spent a lot of time with my brother rather than with me ‘cause I was going to school every day.

Todd: Oh, I see.

Kate: But we still got on very well. And my most memorable moment was going horse riding with her.

Todd: Oh, nice. Had she been on a horse before?

Kate: No, first time.

Todd: She must have been pretty scared of the horses!

Kate: Yeah she was.

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