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#507 Shopping - Akane explains her shopping style


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Ruth: Akane, you've got a new skirt!

Akane: I do. Thanks for noticing.

Ruth: Oh, that's OK. So are you quite into fashion?

Akane: Well, I do like to buy stuff now and then.

Ruth: Yeah, and was that the last thing you bought?

Akane: Ah, I'd say so, yes.

Ruth: So do you spend quite a lot of money on clothes?

Akane: Ah, no, I like to look for bargains.

Ruth: Oh, good plan.

Akane: Yeah.

Ruth: And was that skirt a bargain?

Akane: Oh, yes it was.

Ruth: How much was it?

Akane: It was actually only 1,300 yen. (Wow) Yeah. That's about 13 Canadian dollars.

Ruth:That's such a bargain. That's fantastic.

Akane: Yeah, it was.

Ruth: So how often do you go shopping?

Akane: Um, not too often, maybe about once a month.

Ruth: Once a month. For clothes?

Akane: Um, yeah, just to browse around, look around. Um, I might not always buy something, but once in awhile I do.

Ruth: And where do you go?

Akane: Well, I like to go to the local market, and things like that, cause I think that's the best place to find bargains.

Ruth: Do you normally try clothes on before you buy them?

Akane: I do. I prefer to try them on before I buy them. It's not always possible though.

Ruth: So if you buy something at a market, so you try it on first?

Akane: Well, yes I would ask the person if I can try it on. If they say no, then I would try
to see if it fits or not right on top of my clothes and make a good guess.

Ruth: Do you ever buy clothes which are second hand, which other people have already worn?

Akane: I used to be really into vintage clothes when I was younger. Yes, there's a huge area
in Toronto where I'm from where there are many shops with vintage clothes, and I used to go there
all the time.

Ruth: Wow. So there kind of dated clothes are they?

Akane: Yes, they are. They are second hand clothes. They're used and they're very cheap and very fashionable.

Ruth: Oh, that sounds fantastic.

Akane: Yeah, it is.

Ruth: Does anybody else ever buy you clothes? Do your parents buy you clothes sometimes?

Akane: Um, I suppose they used to when I was younger, but not anymore, because you know, I like to choose my own things.

Ruth: Of course, yeah.

Akane: But once in awhile I might go shopping with my mother, and if there's something
I like she might buy it for me if it's a special occasion.

Ruth: Oh, that's generous.

Akane: She is.

Ruth: Alright, well thanks for that Akane.

Akane: Alright.

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